«Coal Company SIBERIAN»

«Coal Company SIBERIAN» is a mining and processing complex that consists of the following enterprises:
  • Uvalnaya mine
  • Uvalnaya coal processing plant
as well as various infrastructure facilities, such as power supply systems and railway transportation networks with a coal loading station
More than 6 million tones
The volumes of production and processing
High volatile Hard/Semi-Hard Coking Coal
High-quality coking coal
Extraction and processing of coking coal
Production plans for 2024:
  • 5.8 million tones — annual coal production
  • 6.2 million tones — annual volume of processing
  • 3.1 million tones — the annual volume of sales of marketable products to our consumers

6.5 million tones — target for annual production and processing

The work of the company is aimed at continuous improvement of performance indicators and increasing efficiency

The main industrial site of «Coal Company SIBERIAN»
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Coal-sorting station Uvalnaya-Yuzhnaya
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Coal demanded in metallurgy

Coal concentrate of Uvalnaya coal processing plant is a raw material for producing high-quality metallurgical coke.

Concentrate has a high plastic layer and optimal chemical composition of ash. Such coals are widely used in the coal blend to produce high quality coke in terms of CSR (coke strength after reaction) and CRI (coke reactivity index).

The company’s mineral resource base includes coals of high volatile Hard/Semi-Hard Coking Coal grades.
The product portfolio of «Coal Company SIBERIAN» includes premium quality metallurgical coking coal grades.
  • UVAL HV HCC type A (The international equivalent of this brand is Hard Coking Coal and High Vol A)
  • UVAL HV HCC type B (The international equivalent of this brand is Semi-Hard Coking Coal and High Vol B)

Stages of construction and development

Completion of the first stage of construction

A working face was put into operation in the North-east site of the Uvalnaya mine.

All surface infrastructures were built: two single-circuit power lines VL-220 kV with substation PS-220/35/6.3kV, railway loading station Uvalnaya, objects of the first stage of the coal-sorting station Uvalnaya-Yuzhnaya, access railway, technological road, as well as all the life support facilities of the mine: fans of the mine ventilation, a complex of gas-draining system, a diesel locomotive depot, etc.

The construction project is based on the principles of minimizing the impact on the natural environment. The following design solutions have been implemented:
  • Before the start of mining and construction of surface facilities, modern high-tech wastewater treatment facilities for mine water and surface runoff were built
  • Covered warehouses of raw coal and commercial products exclude the spread of coal dust
Administration building of «Coal Company SIBERIAN»
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Commissioning of the second stage of the construction

The second longwall was put into operation- in the West production site of the Uvalnaya mine.

Uvalnaya coal processing plant was put into operation. High technological level of coal processing and automatization allow for quality control of both incoming raw coal and produced coal concentrate.

Coal chemical laboratory of «Coal Company SIBERIAN» is equipped with modern equipment and certified to determine an extended list of quality indicators of coal concentrate.

Uvalnaya mine. West production site
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Uvalnaya coal processing plant and Uvalnaya mine reached their design capacity of 5 million tons per year for the mining and processing of coal

Production priority is safety. Reliable degassing and ventilation systems are designed with a significant reserve.

Automated control systems for technological processes reduce the risk of errors due to the influence of the human factor.

A high level of technical and technological solutions allows to carry out work to increase the design capacity of the mining and processing complex to 6.0-6.5 million tones per year.

Main ventilation fans
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Uvalnaya coal processing plant and Uvalnaya mine increased production capacity for mining and processing coal

Production priority is safety

Technical solutions were developed and implemented that made it possible to increase the production capacity for coal processing at the Uvalnaya concentrating plant to 6.5 million tons per year and for coal mining to 6.2 million tones per year at the Uvalnaya mine.

The gas-draining system and ventilation network of the mine are constantly being developed.

The implementation of the project for the construction of the second stage of the Uvalnaya Yuzhnaya coal sorting station with a capacity of 5.0 million tones per year has been completed.

The implementation of a joint project with «Russian Railways» for the thechnical connection of the railway transportation networks of «Coal Company SIBERIAN» to the infrastructure of «Russian Railways» at the Bardino railway station was completed, allowing to increase the volume of loading of coal products to 5.0 million tones per year.

Drifting face
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A decision was made to develop reserves at the Uvalny Northern site with reserves of coking coal brand «UVAL HV HCC type A», corresponding in the international classification to the brand "Hard Coking Coal – High Volatile A"
Started construction of infrastructure facilities of the surface complex of the Northern industrial site:
  • technological highway with a length of 5.3 km;
  • high voltage power line VL-110kV to PS 35/6 kV, substation PS-35/3.6/6.6 kV;
  • clean water pipeline to the Severny industrial site.

In 2021, to open up reserves at the Uvalny Severny site, 609 m of opening capital workings were completed (northern conveyor and ventilation crosscuts).

Development of railway infrastructure

As a result of the implementation of a joint project with «Russian Railways», the capacity at the Bardino railway station was increased from 206 to 406 cars per day, and it became possible to send heavy trains in the Far Eastern direction.

Minimizing negative impact on the environment

The use of up to 95% treated water has significantly reduced the consumption of natural water taken from water supply sources and reduced the discharge of wastewater into the reservoir.

A post-treatment system based on MOTIMO ultrafiltration membrane modules was put into operation at the plant’s treatment facilities. This allowed us to achieve the highest degree of water purification.

Construction of technlogical highway to the Northern (Severny) industrial site
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Construction of facilities for mining reserves at the Uvalny Northern (Severny) site
Infrastructure facilities of the Northern (Severny) production site were built:
  • technological highway with a length of 5.3 km;
  • clean water pipeline to the Northern (Severny) industrial site.
Construction of surface complex facilities at the Northern (Severny) production site continued:
  • high voltage power line VL-110kV to PS 35/6 kV;
  • substation PS-35/6.3/6.6 kV Uvalnaya Severnaya

Started vertical planning of the Northern (Severny) production site.

In 2022, to open and prepare reserves at the Uvalny Northern (Severny) site, 2 570 m of capital mining and development workings were completed (flank conveyor and ventilation slopes (north), ventilation and conveyor drifts of the starting longwall).

Technological highway to Northern (Severny) production site
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Complex of wastewater treatment facilities for mine and storm water
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Care for the environment
In accordance with the principle of minimizing environment impact, the following activities are carried out at the enterprise:
  • Collection and treatment of all industrial, industrial and economic, mine and storm wastewater, while 95% of the treated water being reused
  • Dust generation sources are localized and covered to prevent the spread of dust into the atmosphere
  • Reserve populations of Siberian kandyk, Brown’s mulberry, Alfreda wilted in the Kuzbass Botanical Garden of Kemerovo were created
  • Trees and shrubs are planted as part of the technical stage of reclamation
  • To restore the population, the first release of juvenile trout was carried out into the Verkhnyaya Ters’River
  • Funds are allocated for the protection of rare and endangered animal species
  • In 2020, as part of measures to preserve biodiversity, more than 9 000 young salmon were released into the Tom River

«Coal Company SIBERIAN» is an official partner of the Kuznetsk Alatau State Natural Reserve

Social responsibility

Working and living conditions are maximally comfortable and ergonomic.

There are recreation areas with rock gardens and lawns on the territory of the enterprise.

In the health center of the enterprise, you can not only receive timely medical assistance, but also perform a number of preventive measures (inhalations, physiotherapy, massage).

Modern canteen provides employees with hot meals, fresh bakery products and pastries.

The enterprise fully implements the guarantees provided for by the federal industry agreement.

Social package for the company employees is confidence in the future.

Families of the company’s employees are provided with vouchers to sanatoriums in Altay and Krasnodar region.

Management encourages the development of employees, striving for professional development.

A healthy lifestyle, phisical education and sports are encouraged in the company’s team.

Children’s matinees, summer and winter sports events are held.

Territory of the main industrial site of «Coal Company SIBERIAN»
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